When you hear about paper dolls, the words that are instantly associated with those words are flimsy, disposable, and easily damaged. For most companies that create paper dolls, the descriptions mentioned are pretty much true. The paper dolls in the market today are easily ruined when kids or adults play with them. But not all of these businesses produce low-quality items. We, at Obama Paper Doll, ensure that our products can withstand the usual wear and tear that comes with paper dolls. You can rely on us to make your ordered products when you shop online in a way that is suitable for daily usage of the dolls.

You can have many reasons on why you buy paper dolls. It can be to complete a collection of some sort. It can bring you a nostalgic feeling when you play with them because of the fantastic experiences that you had when you played with paper dolls before. The reason for purchasing a paper doll can be because of your wife, your daughter, or any other loved ones like it. Either way, you can expect a great product from us.

This is a definite yes. We did build a website with customization in mind. There is nothing greater than buying a customized paper doll for your loved one. Tech blogs can suggest celebrity paper dolls or prominent figures, which are all great but nothing beats a customized paper doll for your needs. Just take a picture of your loved one and send it to us. We will create a draft for your paper doll and send it to you for approval and revisions. After you approve of it, we will then publish the doll based on the required number and price package.

Yes, we did. Because of the popularity of our store, we do create paper dolls in bulk from the celebrities themselves.

You can visit our shop online and click on the items and models that you like most. Click on the product and add to cart. Wait for confirmation of the payment and registration so that we can complete our transaction.

For our pre-made designs, we offer new products quarterly. But we always release our new designs whenever it is needed.