Benefits of Allowing Kids to Play with Paper Dolls

paper dolls

As a mother of two daughters, it is really important for me to pick the toys that they play with. I would pick the quality over quantity in terms of the items that I give them. And nowadays, it is really quite tempting to just have them download games and applications on mobile devices. I would assume that these apps and games are educational anyway so I would not have to think negatively of what they could give my daughters. I can even get premium apps offering special discounts using voucher codes and coupon codes on products.

But as a woman from the previous generation, it is essential to give them the best possible toys. And I know that paper dolls are the way to go. The benefits of letting kids play with paper dolls are numerous. Here are some of them:

Paper dolls trigger the imagination of kids

When you give paper dolls to children, it is up to them to plan the scenario, the roles that each has to play, the voices that they have to use for the dolls, and the behavior that the dolls and the kids that play with them all have. Imagination is needed when playing with paper dolls. And this is good because we want to train children to use their minds when playing. Not everything should be spoon-fed to them like most mobile apps offer.

Paper dolls help your kids interact with other kids

Paper dolls are created to be shared with other kids. Teacup parties, playing house, and other familiar scenarios are played in the mind of a kid. And when a kid wants to role play, she will need other kids to make the whole situation more fun. Paper dolls help your kids under 18 engage other kids into play. And since these dolls are very attractive to play with, it is easy to have someone go along. Paper dolls give your kids an opportunity to socialize and develop new relationships with other children.

Paper dolls help children use their creativity

Some paper dolls available in the market today can be colored any way the kids want. With these paper dolls, the children are allowed to use their creativity to choose the colors that they prefer for their dolls. It gives the children a way to express their creative side and show other people their talent and skill in crafts and arts.

5 thoughts on “Benefits of Allowing Kids to Play with Paper Dolls”

  1. Leonie says:

    Where can I buy paper dolls? I am looking for good quality paper dolls for my children. I really had fun playing with paper dolls when I was a kid. Now that I have children of my own, I also want them to have the same experience that I did. Hopefully, these paper dolls are durable enough to last long.

  2. Joan says:

    I have never bought a paper doll before. Thanks to your article, I am now very motivated to buy one for my kids. I believe that triggering their imagination and activating their creativity is really important in raising children. And it is my responsibility as a mother to look out for the welfare of my kids.

  3. Kim says:

    Your thoughts are quite amusing. I never thought that playing with paper dolls could be educational for children. As a kid, I did play with paper dolls. Come to think of it, yeah, they really let my imagination fly while playing with dolls. I created scenarios with my friends with my tea parties and all.

  4. Caroline says:

    My daughter is always designing paper dolls. She is very creative in doing her cartoons and colors.

  5. Liza says:

    Paper dolls are a great way to express your creativity at a low cost.

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